Capacity Building

Building Capacity For Your District

Why Capacity Building Works

STAR Autism Support has developed a proven approach to building capacity to serve all of your students with autism. Taking a system-wide approach improves student outcomes, increases efficiency and improves staff satisfaction.

  • Training Site Development
  • Self-Sufficient Professional Development
  • Fidelity of Implementation of Instructional Practices
  • District-wide Data-based Decision Making
  • System-wide Collaboration

Where Capacity Building Works

The Training Site Model 

  • OrPATS (Oregon Program Autism Training Sites) has developed 41 training sites (PreK-12)

Building Educational Teams 

  • AzSECAP (Arizona Statewide Early Childhood Autism Project) has developed 27 implementation teams statewide

State and District-Wide Implementation - Learn More!

  • New Mexico Autism Project
  • Philadelphia Public Schools (PA)
  • Plano Independent School District (TX)
  • STAR has provided curriculum to 2,500+ school districts and has trained more than 25,000 educators

Thousands of Districts,
Tens of Thousands of Educators

STAR Autism Support Training

Training Site

Training sites can provide local school districts with an effective resource to model evidence-based practices, train staff, and serve students.  These training sites model the use of effective practices throughout the students' instructional day.

Certified Coach

Provides support to classroom teachers and other instructional staff in implementing evidence-based practices


Classroom staff will attend STAR Workshops, visit STAR Training Sites and work with STAR Coaches as necessary.

Research-Based Curricula and Instructional Tools

Research-based curricula and instructional tools provide the foundation for all staff to replicate effective practices.

  • Instruction in a Variety of Settings
  • Data-Based Decision Making
  • Fidelity of Implementation
  • Consistency of Instruction
  • Self-Sufficient Professional Development


STAR Autism Support takes a comprehensive approach that addresses the unique needs of your organization. Recommended services may include a variety of deliverables.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Comprehensive Workshops
  • Program Setup
  • In-Class Hands-On Training
  • Coach Training
  • Fidelity Checklist and Other Resources
  • Distance Learning
  • Certification

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