Examples of System-wide Program Support Models

The Training Site Model

Training Sites can provide local school districts with an effective resource to model evidence-based practices, train staff, and serve students. These training sites model the use of effective practices throughout the student’s instructional day. A training site coach (typically a related-service provider) can provide on-site training to visiting staff members. Evidence-based practices include:

  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
  • Teaching Functional Routines (FR)
  • Positive behavior interventions and supports
  • Consistent use of the principles of applied behavior analysis
  • Environmental arrangements and visual supports
  • Use of PECS and augmentative communication systems
  • Additional programs based on individual student needs

Building Educational Teams

STAR Autism Support can help school districts develop effective programs that implement evidence-based practices with fidelity using The STAR or Links Curriculum. The development of a series of Implementation sites across all grade levels (pre-school, elementary and secondary) will ensure the effective use of evidence-based practices across the school district. 

Comprehensive Professional Development Projects

STAR Autism Support has collaborated with school districts and agencies to plan and implement comprehensive professional development projects during the summer. The goal is to train teachers, para-professionals, related service staff and administrators in the evidence-based practices using the STAR and Links Curriculum.

These comprehensive professional development activities combine workshops with immediate practice with students. Staff learn to implement the programs with fidelity during week-long training while also preparing supports for implementation success upon returning to classrooms in the fall.