Pets Preview: Circle Activities

Pets - Circle Activities


This theme unit includes a variety of fun and engaging activities to use during Circle. 

The circle activities and visuals include icons for calendar, songbooks and five themed activities. Print and laminate items.

Name of Activity/Visual SupportPrintable Forms

Calendar Date Icons

Icons for each day of the week to identify the date. Includes repeating patterns and contains 31 days so you can customize the unit to suit your specific time frame.

Songbook Icons

Support student participation by providing song choice icons and visual supports for each song.

  • I Know a Pet
  • My Pets

Circle Activities

Use these activities to introduce the theme and teach key vocabulary and concepts.

Theme-Related Videos

Use the following videos during circle to introduce the concepts taught in this theme unit.


We recommend that you preview the YouTube videos prior to student viewing to ensure appropriate content as video links can break or change. Also be advised ads may appear within the videos. 

Theme Vocabulary

Introduce new vacabulary and concepts through written and visual supports.


  • Animals: Pet, Dog, Puppy, Cat, Kitten, Turtle, Fish, Bird, Hamster, Rabbit, Rat, Snake, Frog
  • Homes: Dog House, Cat Bed, Fish Bowl, Birdcage, Hutch, Hamster Cage, Terrarium, Aquarium
  • Food: Kibble, Cat Food, Fish Food, Crickets, Bird Seed, Carrots, Pellets, Water
  • Supplies: Kennel, Food, Bowl, Collar, Leash, Brush, Hamster Wheel, Litter Box, Bone, Yarn Ball, Cat Tower
  • Other: Walk, Groom, Bathe, Veterinarian, Love, Play, Purr, Meow, Bark, Feed, Pet
  • Vocabulary Flashcards 3x5 (large)
  • Vocabulary Flashcards 3x3 (small)

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Note: if you choose this option, please select the “single sided” and “color” print settings, as some of the lessons require color printing.

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