Family Unit and Socio-Economic Status






Our curricular materials avoid oversimplified generalizations about social classes and groups. Family units other than the nuclear family model are represented, e.g., single parents, adopted children, and same-sex parents. We strive to make our materials as accessible as possible to a wide audience, including providing free supports and resources.



Character Examples

View a sample from our character library to see how we represent diverse family units in our illustrations. This is a small sample – new illustrations are continuously added to our library!

Curriculum Examples

These samples demonstrate a few ways we represent diverse family units and varying socio-economic statuses in our curricular materials and rotating content.

Visual Support Example

These samples demonstrate a few ways we represent various family units and socio-economic statuses in our student-facing visual supports.

Caregiver Supports

STAR Autism Support values caregivers and families as a crucial part of each student’s educational team. We provide free materials for caregivers – including visual supports, activities, and webinars – so that they are easily accessible for home use. SAS also works with districts to offer caregiver trainings spanning a variety of topics.

Marketing Example

We strive to represent our DEI values in our external communications, including marketing, newsletters, and social media.

Feedback Form

STAR Autism Support is continuously working to improve inclusivity and representation in our products to ensure all students, staff, and educators can identify with our materials. Additionally, we are always looking for ways to move our growth, from product to practice.