Classroom Tools

Classroom Tools: STAR Media Center

Subscribers to this package have access to a variety of downloadable and printable resources. These resources include Themes First, Routine Essentials, STAR Training Videos and the E-scheduler. These practical, on-demand materials address the learning needs for students at a variety of developmental levels.

  • Preview the Media Center by clicking on the subscription button on the bottom right of the page:
  • Subscribe to the Media Center to gain access to STAR Training Videos, Themes First!, Routine Essentials and the E-scheduler

STAR Home Supports and the STAR Online Learning System (SOLS)

  • STAR Home Supports are intended as activities to support home learning and routines.
  • If you are an educator interested in supporting virtual learning for your students, please click here to learn more about the STAR Online Learning System. SOLS is a stand-alone curriculum and is not automatically included with the Media Center.