Staying Safe with Student Visuals

Welcome to STAR Digital Resources!

Subscribers to this package have access to a variety of downloadable and printable resources. These resources include STAR Training Videos, Themes First, Routine Essentials and the E-scheduler. These practical, on-demand materials address the learning needs for students at a variety of developmental levels.

Themes First!
  • Circle Activities
  • Group Activities
  • Independent Work: Reading
  • Independent Work: Math
  • Independent Work: Writing
Routine Essentials Visual Supports for:
  • Circle Visuals
  • Transition Visual Supports
  • Behavior Visual Supports
  • Visual Supports for PE/Music/Recess
  • And many more Routines
Free Home Supports for Caregivers:
  • Routine Visuals
  • Visual Icons
  • Social Scripts
  • And More