April Newsletter | Remote Learning for Special Education

Remote Learning for Special Education During COVID-19

While the world reels from COVID-19, schools and teachers face an unprecedented requirement to meet students’ learning needs in a virtual manner. Remote learning can take a variety of forms, with certain methods working for some students but not for others. Below we consider the benefits and drawbacks of two methods of remote instruction and discuss how STAR Online Learning System (SOLS) combines these methods to provide a comprehensive remote learning system to meet the needs of a wide range of learners.

Online Instructorless Learning

Online instructorless learning is a common method used for distance learning in general education. It often includes worksheets and activities for students to complete on their own time, which allows students the flexibility to choose when they engage with materials and for how long. Instructorless learning also provides opportunities for students to work independently, which allows parents to work from home or focus on other tasks, independent of their children. While this learning method works well for practicing previously learned skills, it is also hard for students who have trouble attending to a screen without support.

Synchronous Remote Instruction

Alternatively, synchronous remote instruction offers real-time teaching from a trained educator. This is great for students who have difficulty engaging solely with a screen and need the support of a trained teacher. Real-time teaching is at the heart of synchronous remote instruction, which allows students to work on the advancement of skills as opposed to focusing only on maintaining previously learned skills. This method also provides the opportunity for IEP-driven curriculum and offers parents a solution to the challenge of sourcing material appropriate for their child’s learning level.

How does STAR Autism Support fit into all of this?

At STAR Autism Support, we have developed a continuum of resources to meet the diverse needs of students and caregivers. Check out the chart below to identify how we can best meet your needs!


Media Center / LINKS Subscription

SOLS Subscription

Resources for caregivers to support daily routines

Instructorless learning materials to maintain previously learned skills

Robust synchronous remote instruction to support individual student learning

Check out our FREE Home Supports. From helping out in the kitchen to playing games, these visual aids support students as they navigate their daily routines.

Use our At-Home Packets for primary and secondary students. Aligned to academic standards, these focus on engaging themes and are designed to be completed by students independently.

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Our STAR Online Learning System (SOLS) uses the best remote learning strategies and provides synchronous remote instruction using a qualified teacher to deliver an IEP-driven curriculum.

Want to spread the word to your district about this targeted approach to distance learning? Download and forward this flyer!

While in-person instruction is undoubtably the most flexible practice, we are here to help you navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times. Let us know how we can help meet your students’ needs during this time.